The FATecke is an exhibition platform in the book salon of the KOSMOS (Zurich), where FATart artists can present and exhibit their work for three months

Intervention: Artivism in the FAT corner with Damon Mark
16.4 - 6.5.202 2 - Text tiles:  Microaggressions and interventions



Image: FAT corner with Damon Mark, photo: Ursina Gabriela Roesch


Mark Damon Harvey is a culturalist. He is interested in animals, plants and people and above all in the art of connecting them. These include community building, regenerative agriculture, (rural) art, artivism and music.

Harvey has been teaching anti-prejudice and anti-racism courses in Switzerland for over twenty years. Unique to its offering is its collection of effective and subversive interventions for allies and the marginalized for everyday situations. A selection of these will be shown from April 16 to May 6 as an intervention in the FATecke in the book salon of the Kulturzentrum Kosmos in Zurich.