The FATcommunity has been putting out feelers and cooperating with various art actors for quite some time. First and foremost, our collaborations also focus on promoting and making visible the art of FLINTA and similarly marginalised people. As our graphics and the latest studies show, we have not yet overcome gender discrimination and are still far from complete equality in the art world. But we will not wait for this! We are bringing them to us with our multifaceted collaborations. We show those positions that otherwise fall through the cracks and, especially with our collaborations, ensure a more balanced art offer in Switzerland.


This is the only way to sustainably break through the antiquated male guidelines and standards regarding quality, themes and approaches in art production. The FATkoop format is excellently suited for this. Once again, it allows us to cross borders and strengthen our international networks. Thanks to our FATkoop projects, we meet new artists and reach a whole new audience. These collaborations have proven to be enormously enriching for both sides. We get in touch with new voices on the scene, give them access to a public, and let them experience an incredibly valuable visibility. This exchange is also indispensable for us, because only together can we pursue these central questions in art and society. 


FATcommunity is international and encourages collaborations across borders. Together, activism is twice as much fun. It's time to get FAT!

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