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FATart Fair

The Open Call is open until 23 April 2023. 

Important! Please read the PDF with important information about applying to the FATart Fair.

It describes exactly which images you need to send to FATart Fair. Correct file format as well as file labelling is a MUST.

An incorrect or incomplete application will not be considered for participation.

Impressionen der FATart Fair 2020
Impressionen der FATart Fair 2020

 © FATart 2020 

Application process

  • Application via form at the bottom of the page

  • A selection committee evaluates the applications and chooses the works that will finally be exhibited.

    This year the jury consists of Martina Venanzoni (Curatorial Director FATart), Ursina Gabriela Roesch (Co-President FATart), Mark Damon Harvey (Co-President FATart), Maja Renfer (Curatorial Assistant FATart), Helen Follert (Artist) and Prof. Dr. Dorothee Richter (ZhDK).


  • You will be notified by 31 May 2023 whether you are participating in this year's FATart Fair.

  • The art fair will then be curated by the curatorial director Martina Venanzon.

5 reasons for artists to participate
in the FATart Fair

  • You will be present at the fair, you will benefit from our international platform, you will get to know interested parties, artists, collectors, art mediators and important new collaboration partners.

  • 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your works go to you.

  • You will become part of a network that will give your career a significant boost. When you participate in the FATart Fair, you become part of the FATart network.

  • Register with Kleio and you can join the FATcommunity and get a permanent presence on our website.

  • Every year we send you several calls for proposals for internal and external projects such as exhibitions or art sales. For information on these, contact FAToffice

  • Your name as well as a picture of your artwork will appear in the fair catalogue; a professional publication that you can concretely use in your professional work such as a gallery talk. If you participate in the fair, you will receive five fair catalogues as a gift. The fair catalogues are registered in the book trade and can be ordered in all bookshops.


  • They are and will remain visible on our website. Your catalogue image with a link to your website will remain visible on our website on the page of artists who have participated in a previous edition of the Fair. See FATart Fair archive

© FATart 2020

Good to know

  • Unlike a commercial fair, FATart Fair does not claim a profit from the sale of artworks. Instead, the artists represent themselves and receive their sales proceeds in full.

  • In exchange for low fees, FATart covers the costs of marketing, advertising, catalogue publication, fringe events, coordination and salaries. Our concept is based on keeping the financial expenses and ecological emissions as low as possible, because it is the low contribution to costs that allows many women artists to participate.

  • Each year, FATart supports between five and ten women artists who cannot pay a recruitment fee by providing them with space.

  • Participation in the FATart Fair enables them to make the leap into the public eye. In this way, commissions can be generated without having to wait for a gallery. The artists are on site and responsible for their artworks and their sale themselves. True to the motto: FINTAS are themselves.

Overview of the costs of a participation

application fee

50 CHF per artist | FLINT

Cost of exhibition space

Option A  - 1M - 70 CHF
Option B - 3M -270 CHF
Option C - 4.5M - 470 CHF
Option D - 6M - 770 CHF        Option E - 10 M - 1970 CHF

Optional costs: e.g. for power connection, assembly service, sales service etc.

Participation fee  

250 CHF per artist | FLINT

Includes cost sharing for the organization of the project: marketing, advertising, catalog publication, side events, coordination and wages.FATart covers more than two thirds of the total project costs through its own contributions and fundraising efforts.

Price example: Wall surface 3M, self-assembly

CHF50 + CHF250 + CHF270 = CHF570


Payment information

Femme Artist Table,
Ursina Gabriela Roesch, Bullingerstrasse 73, 8004 Zürich
IBAN: CH12 0900 0000 1546 8854 6


Institution: Postfinance AG Mingerstrasse 20, 3030 Bern

Application form

You have read through all the important information about the application procedure for participation in the FATart Fair in the PDF? Great, now it's time to fill out the application form.

Attention: Please note that Safari may cause transmission problems. We therefore recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Also: If your images are too large or the image format is not accepted, you can send it to us directly or via WeTransfer to


Important: after submitting, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. If you do not receive this, please contact us at  The registration can only be sent if all fields marked with * are filled in. Please do not drag out the answer fields - otherwise the "send" button will disappear.

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