Procedure for participation in the 5th FATart Fair 2022

  • National and international women artists | FLINT can apply using the FATart Fair application form for the art fair (link at the end of this page).

  • The Open Call will starts on March 8th, 2022 this year and will last until May 31th, 2022.

  • Important! Please read the PDF with important information about applying for the FATart Fair 2022 . This describes exactly which pictures have be sent to FATart. Correct file formats and file labeling are essential for this. In the event of errors, your participation may not be considered!

  • A selection committee evaluates the applications and chooses the works that will eventually be exhibited. In 2022, the jury consists of Martina Venanzoni (Curatorial Director FATart), Ursina Gabriela Roesch (Co-President FATart), Mark Damon Harvey (Co-President FATart), Maja Renfer (Curatorial Assistant FATart), Helen Follert (Artist) and Prof. Dr. Dorothee Richter (ZhDK).

  • You will be informed by July 11, 2022 whether you can take part in this year's FATart Fair 2022.

  • The art fair will be curated by the curatorial director Martina Venanzoni.

Impressionen der FATart Fair 2020

«It was incredibly exciting and inspiring, instructive and encouragingly networking,

to be part of this year's FATart. Thank you! and congratulations! that you set up the Fatart 2020 for the vision, the commitment, the organization and the strengthening and supportive presence on site. »

Andrea Grieder, artist

«I really enjoyed the FATart Fair weekend. It was amazing and I learned so much.»

Kim Flüeler, artist

Impressionen der FATart Fair 2020

© FATart (Photos by Fabienne Spiller and Ursina Gabriela Roesch)

© FATart (Photos by Fabienne Spiller and Ursina Gabriela Roesch)

5 reasons to take part in the FATart Fair as an artist

  • You are on site and benefit from our international platform, getting to know interested parties, artists, collectors, art mediators, new collaboration partners and vice versa.

  • If you sell, 100% of the revenue goes to you.

  • You become part of the FATart network that can give your career a significant boost. Every year we send  several offers for internal and external projects such as exhibitions or art sales.

  • Your name and a picture of your works will appear in the exhibition catalog, a professional publication that, for example, makes a great impression when discussing with galleries. If you take part in the fair, you will receive five fair catalogues as gifts.

  • You are and will remain visible on our website. Your catalog picture with a link to your website will remain visible on our website on the page of the artists who have participated in a previous edition of the fair. See 20212020 , 2019 , 2018 .

Good to know

  • In contrast to a commercial fair, FATart Fair does not profit from the sales of works. Instead, the artists represent themselves and receive all of their sales proceeds.

  • For a low exhibition fee , FATart covers the costs for exhibition space, marketing, advertising, catalog publication, supporting events, coordination and wages. The concept of FATart is based on keeping the financial expenses and ecological emissions as low as possible, because only low cost sharing enables many artists to take part.

  • Every year FATart subsidizes five to ten artists who cannot pay the fee by providing them with appropriate exhibition space.

  • Due to the presence in an exhibition catalog and the radical decision to give 100% of the profit to the artists, the FATart Fair creates not only perspectives but also opportunities.

Overview of the costs of a participation

  • 1. Application fee (fixed): 50 CHF per artist | FLINT

  • 2. Participation fee (fixed): 250CHF per artist | FLINT
    Includes cost sharing for the organization of the project: marketing, advertising, catalog publication, supporting events, coordination and wages.
    FATart covers more than two-thirds of the total project costs through its own contributions and fundraising efforts.

  • 3. Cost of exhibition space (variable): Choice of 4 different size options

    1.) 1M - 70 CHF
    2.) 3M - 270 CHF
    3.) 4.5M - 470 CHF
    4.) 6M - 770 CHF
    5.) 10 M - 1970 CHF

Have you read all the important information about the application process for participation in the FATart Fair 2022 in the PDF? Juhuiii, then it's time to fill out the application form.
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