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You can learn more about the FATecke format at the end of the article.

More than 10 years ago, the Zurich artist Elisabeth Eberle set to work. Unsettled and angered by the unequal gender relations in the art scene, the unbalanced arts funding of the cultural departments, and especially the apparent indifference and poor excuses of the decision-makers, the artist threw herself into the archives to bring this unattractive and non-transparent side of the art world to light.

Eberle's archival project includes funding statistics, historical data, case studies, exhibition research, and newspaper articles, as well as an ironically critical series of photographs of "lockdown selfies": in each case, the artist poses wearing a mask as symbole of the emotional overlay of many years of work that ultimately culminated during the lockdown.

Frauen Zählen is impressive, extensive and at the same time harrowing - an illustration of long-lasting injustice, a confrontation with the past and the present that makes the future seem at times bleak and unchangeable.

In cooperation with students from the Lucerne School of Design & Art, Eberle's archive gains a breath of fresh air and new approaches to the future.

As part of their graphic design studies, the 15 students present various visual and thematic approaches to the subject in the form of individual book publications. The book objects were designed and produced during an intensive six-week period of study. In addition to Eberle's archive, the students had access to a swissinfo study published in 2019 and interviews on gender relations in the art world, as well as direct dialogue with the artist.

Varying from artistic and revolutionary to factual and historical, all approaches burst with potential, emotionality and - despite the confrontation with fatalistic data - with rebellious fighting spirit and innovative ideas.

Not only all participants profited from the inter-generational discourse, the interaction of the two artistic works orients Frauen Zählen. forward looking. Eberle herself sees this as the "hope of a new generation."

Physically exhibited behind display cases, the book objects in Kosmos are additionally browsed through in video format on a tablet. In a second part of the exhibition, photographs from Zoe Tempest show Eberle's archive at the Helmhaus Zurich, where it was exhibited that same year as part of the group exhibition «Zirkuliere! Eine Konspiration» accompanied by an interview between Eberle and professor Dorothee Richter, the archive and its subject matter will be illustrated for visitors.

The cooperation between Eberle and the students opens up a universe of hidden inequalities, but first and foremost also a great breadth of perspectives, approaches and future proposals for a gender-just art world - a cosmos within a cosmos.

Elisabeth Eberle was born in Canada, lives and works in Zurich. Her work spans various media from sculpture to drawing and video, but her archival project Frauen Zählen. (2010-2021) was exhibited at FATart Fair in 2019 and 2020 and at Helmhaus Zurich in 2021.

The Graphic Design students are in their third and final year of their bachelor's degree at the Lucerne School of Design & Art. After visiting the Helmhaus Zurich exhibition «Zirkuliere! Eine Konspiration», the head of the Graphic Design program, Monika Gold, led the collaboration.

The exhibition can be seen at Kosmos Buchsalon Zurich from 14.01.22 to 17.04.22.

FATrendezvous: Talk with Elisabeth Eberle, the students and their professors, Megi Zumstein and Valentin Hindermann and the head of Graphic Design, Monika Gold on 27.01.22 at Kosmos Buchsalon at 18.00 is postponed due to pandemic reasons. Further information will follow.

Fotography: Final presentation on 4.11.21 in the Graphic Design Atelier at the Lucerne School of Art & Design in Emmenbrücke-Lucerne. View of an inside page of the book, of the lecturers, Elisabeth Eberle and students.

Photo: Monika Gold.

Text: Maja Renfer

List of students and their publications: Gina Burri: Künstlerinnen zählen!

Isabelle Eck: Frauen ins Museum

Sina Heim: Was es heisst Künstlerin in der Schweiz zu sein

Laura Hüppi: Frauen zählen!

Julia Kagerbauer: Mind the Gap!

Pauline Koch: Damit sich fundamental etwas ändert, müssen wir uns kritisch einbringen

Annina Linggi: Luft nach oben

Gianmarco Meyer: 17 von 40

Fabio Müller: Keep making trouble, like we do!

Fawad Qadire: Frauen* zählen!

Nicole Schellhammer: Wie wäre es mit 50%? / Wie sie sichtbar werden im Museum

Marcel Schirmer: Unvergleich

Surya Schmid: Künstlerinnen* zählen

Sina Stähli: 26%

Sira Trinkler: Was es heisst, Künstlerin in der Schweiz zu sein


Megi Zumstein

Valentin Hindermann

Mirko Leuenberger

The format FATecke:

Exhibition in the „FATecke“– in Kosmos Buchsalon, Lagerstrasse 104, 8004 Zürich

Pauline Della Bianca, curatorial director, curates the FATecke in the Kosmos Buchsalon with works by artists from the FATnetwork.

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