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The FATcorner is an exhibition platform on the 4th floor of the Kammgarn WEST in Schaffhausen, where FATart artists present and exhibit their work for three months.

#16 Mona Rosa – Mens-Urlaub so ein Theater

10.06. – 18.09.2023

The exhibition "Mens-Urlaub - so ein Theater" picks up on the current discussion about the pilot project of the city of Zurich, which is one of the first public institutions to address the major problem of menstrual pain and thus recognise women as cyclical human beings.

With her new work, Mona Rosa presents the audience with a platform to ask themselves once again: is the menstrual cycle simply a trendy topic, something personal or is it systemically relevant to the issue of gender equality?


The installation is a further development of the linocut "Menstruation Holiday", which takes the subject directly at its word with a pinch of humour and sends a tampon on holiday. The audience is thus offered the opportunity to reflect on the word "menstruation leave" and to question its meaning in everyday life.

The second part is just theatre. But for once we don't hear the loud voices on the outside, but can get to know inner perceptions, feelings and moods in various dialogues that tend to hide behind the curtain of shame, fear or insecurity in everyday life, at work and in public.


Mona Rosa's exhibition can be seen from 10.06.2023 through 18.09.2023 at FATpermanent Art Space, on the 4th floor of Kammgarn West.


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#17 Annick Mischler

06.10.2023 – 12.01.2024


Annick Mischler's painting looks like a mash-up of near-random images who try to report
something about the world. In the FATcorner she will present, among others, a selection of her
paintings from the series "Tragic Strip". These work according to the principle of montage.
One image resonates with an other. By an active and regenerating contamination, the
images create a transforming dynamic, a poetics of connecting, collecting and receiving.

Annick Mischler's exhibition will be on view at FATpermanent Art Space on the 4th floor of Kammgarn West from 06.10.2023 through 12.01.2024.



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