More FATart projects

In addition to the annualFATart Fairart fair, FATart also offers regular events to raise awareness of the gender gap in art. FATart is not afraid to discuss controversal questions together at the monthly artist talks and rendezvous: What makes it difficult for women to access institutions and galleries? How do family relationships affect your own art practice? Why are the wage differences in the arts sector so huge? Why is art by men being priced higher? How can we change that together?

  • Monthly workshops on various topics, for example Pricing or Practical Allyship: More than Antiracism”. Location: in the Kosmos or in the Amboss Garage in Zurich

  • Every year four exhibitions with artist talks and vernissages. Location: FATecke of the Kosmos Book Salon in Zurich:

    • Cath Brophy (11/23/20-21/02/21)

    • Mara Mars (February 22-23, 21)

    • Noëlle Berg (May 24-22, 21)

  • From spring 2021 a move to the Comedy House in Zurich, where FATart will operate an offspace for regular exhibitions and art events. A performance festival will be set up soon.

  • In spring 2021 FATart exhibition in cooperation with Swiss Women Network (SWONET) in Brugg, Windisch. The network is slated to expand steadily and make its presence known in the art world. The focus is on ten artists - those interested are very welcome to get in touch ! We are very happy to be part of this.