Creating feminist solidarity in art and curating

Femme Artist Table (FATart) is a Swiss art association that has been campaigning for an equal opportunities and the inclusion of women | FLINT in the art world since 2016.

FATart develops and realizes activities and exhibitions all year round. On the one hand, the goal is to give women better access and a stronger voice in art. On the other hand, visibility, attention and acceptance should be created across the boundaries of the art scene.

FATart has commited to initiatives, projects and events concerning artists, curators, art consultants, gallery owners and art start-up founders and has been successfully stirring up the Swiss art market for years.


We confront the ongoing discrimination against FLINT in the art world - let's get FAT!



«Talking about gender is in vogue. But bringing about concrete changes is another story.»


Ursina Gabriele Roesch, co-initiator of FATart, in an interview with femmit magazine.


Check it out:

The co-initiators of FATart, Ursina Gabriela Roesch and Mark Damon Harvey, in exchange with Geneva artist Mauren Brobeck.

In the «raw and radical women in the arts»-podcast, Ursina and Mark talk about inspiration, intersectionality and why women artists should charge more. 

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FATart Fair

«Do it!» - network, intervene, become visible.

FATart Fair is the first and till now only non-profit art fair in Europe, exclusively dedicated to FLINT artists.

Within a breathtaking area of ​​3200m2, the FATart Fair offers a unique art fair and exhibition platform for women artists every year and an equally unforgettable experience for visitors of all genders.


100% female artists | FLINT

100% support

100% networking

0% sales percent profit entitlement


The FATart Fair creates a network that grows stronger every year, making it more and more impossible to ignore women in art.

The FATart Fair not only creates perspectives but real opportunities!

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