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FATart Fair 2023

The sixth edition of the Fatart Fair will take place at Kammgarn West in Schaffhausen. The interim use of Kammgarn West has been extended by one year due to construction delays. We will not miss this opportunity.

This year's FATart Fair will take place from 15–17 September. This means that the FATart Fair will overlap with the Museum Night Hegau-Schaffhausen on Saturday 16 September. The art of our 100 artists will thus find visibility with an even larger and broader audience.

FATart Fair 2022

FATart Fair 2022


Opening hours:

Friday 15.09.23:       17–21h

Saturday 16.09.23:  12–24h

Sunday 17.09.23:     12–17h



Kammgarn West,

Baumgartenstrasse 23, 2nd & 3rd floor,

8200 Schaffhausen


Our rooms are also accessible for people in wheelchairs. From the entrance on the Baumgartenstrasse side there is a spacious elevator (the sidewalk on the Baumgartenstrasse side is accessible from the Rhine side). This leads to the 2nd and 3rd floor. Our WCs are also wheelchair accessible.

Dogs are not allowed in the rooms, unless they are assistance dogs. 

from performances, guided tours and speeches to panel discussions


Friday, September 15, 18.30 h

Saturday, September 16, 18.00 h and 20.00 h

Annkathrin Pöpel - RaumKlangKörper

Two loudspeakers hang from pendulums

in the room. Sine tones are reproduced above them.

A performer plays
with static sound

with moving sound
with a static human body
with a moving human body
with space and sound
and them in between.

The movement of the speakers modulates
the sound
The movement of the performer modulates
the sound field

Movement becomes audible.

Performance in a kinetic sound installation

Annkathrin Pöpel: Composition
Angela Stöcklin: performance
Peter Färber: Technique

Sunday, September 17, 12.30 h
Monica Klingler - NO W HERE, 2019



kind of

part of the earth

is a human being again?

in radical approximation
finding width

Monica Klingler dedicates her artistic work entirely to the exploration of the human body and its existence in this world. As a trained dancer, she found her ideal means of expression early on in concentrated individual performance. The body serves her as an instrument of cognition with which she inquires into being interwoven with the world. The movements are reduced to improvised micro-movements that unfold, repeat, vary, alienate.

guided tours (in german)

Saturday, 16 September, 16.00 h 

Sunday, 17 September, 16.00 h

Guided tour through the exhibition. Meeting point and registration at the ticket office on the 2nd floor. Cost: 10.-

As part of the Museum Night Hegau-Schaffhausen, there will also be guided tours of Marion Strunk's exhibition in the FATpermanent Art Space (4th floor Kammgarn West) on 16 September at 17.00 and 19.00 h.

brief speech on Mahsa Amini's death anniversary by Aménéh Moayedi (in French)
Saturday 16 September, 17.30 h

At FATart Fair, Aménéh Moayedi is showing a selection of posters that reference the September 16, 2022 violent death of 22-year-old Iranian student Mahsa Amini. Moayedi, who was born in Iran and lives in Paris, created a Facebook page in September 2022 with a call to create and post posters with the tagline "Women Life Freedom." To date, over 250 posters from 35 countries have been gathered and printed in various newspapers and magazines. On Mahsa Amini's first death anniversary, Aménéh Moayedi will give a short speech in front of her installation.


Panel discussions

Saturday, September 16, 14 – 15 h

Panel 1: "Operating System Woman* / Cycle Perspectives: Important in gender equality issues or just personal stories?" 


FATart advocates for more visibility of women and FLINTA in the art world. Closely connected to this are gender equality issues and discussions that are not only posed and conducted in the art world, but are currently strongly thematised in all fields of society. "Women's issues" such as reconciling family and career, menopause, pregnancy and birth are currently being reworked. In this panel, Mona Rosa (artist and cycle experience audio book producer) will discuss with Raphaël Guillet (social pedagogue FH and sexual health specialist) and Adrian Rothenbühler (employee coach education Switzerland, Federal Office for Sport) the influence of the menstrual cycle of women* and people with a uterus on everyday reality and explore the question to what extent the cycle is simply a personal story or yet relevant in the design of everyday spaces.


Mona Rosa is an artist whose work focuses on the dynamics of the cycle and its relationship to society. She is the owner and producer of Zyklusheldin im Ohr - an interactive self-awareness audio book to discover one's own cycle as a resource.


Raphaël Guillet is a social pedagogue FH and works at Checkpoint Bern, a counselling centre for people around sexual health and gender issues. He works as an LGBT+ counsellor and supports people in coming to terms with their own gender identity.


Adrian Rothenbühler works in coach education at the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO and has worked as a coach for Mujinga Kambundji and the women's relay team, among others. In recent years, he has become familiar with cycle-based training and supports female athletes in achieving peak athletic performance with their cycle.


Sunday, September 17, 14 – 15 h
Panel 2: Visibility in the media space

It is essential for the visibility of women artists that they can be found online. On the one hand, in order to be discovered by curators, galleries and institutions. On the other hand, their presence in the digital space can gradually change the algorithms of AI. In the panel "Visibility in media space", Ursina Gabriela Roesch will discuss with Sandra Becker and Anina Schenker the importance of media representation and strategies for achieving it.

Ursina Gabriela Roesch is co-founder and project manager of FATart. In addition to the FATart Fair and regular exhibitions, FATart is also committed to the visibility of women artists in the media space. In the FATcommunity, former participants of the FATart Fair can create a profile free of charge, and in the FATgallery, artworks by selected artists are offered for sale online.

Sandra Becker is GLAM Lead at Wikimedia CH. In this role, she works to identify gaps in knowledge in archives and to give more visibility to women artists in particular. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, but the perspective is very often male-dominated. Sandra Becker and other female Wikipedians are writing against this. 

Anina Schenker is the initiator, founder and managing director of, a workspace for art, design and culture. Artists, curators and institutions can create a profile on kleio, make a public appearance and network with each other.

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