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FATart Fair 2018

If an artist wants to exhibit her works in an art fair, she has always been dependent on the goodwill of a gallery. To this day, patriarchal social structures represent obstacles that make it difficult for women to gain a foothold in the art market. The result: A still markedly small proportion of women in Swiss art exhibitions. There is a need for an art fair exclusively for women artists, there is a need for a FATart Fair! One of these was extremely innovative and the first in all of Europe.

The first edition of the FATart Fair in September 2018 started brilliantly. 50 artists presented their works in the Kammgarn West in Schaffhausen and at the same time laid the foundation for the beginning of a new art history for women.


Flip the art market. Now.

Program, date, opening hours, place

Friday 21.9.2018


6pm: opening speech

Ursina Gabriela Roesch and Mark Damon Harvey (co-founders of FATart)

7pm: performance " Brautschau " by Lilian Frei


Saturday 22.9.2018


1pm: " Women Network " , Petra Rohner founder of the Swiss Women Network (SWONET)

2pm: Gender Equality , Renate Schubert, ETH professor for economics and gender delegate to the ETH president

Intersectionality and Calling in , Mark Damon Harvey, co-founder of FATart

16:30: Panel Discussions "Where the quality remains Opportunities & Risks of a quota system," with Elisabeth Eberle (artist, researcher and archivist), Mark Damon Harvey, Petra Rohner, Renate Schubert. Moderation by Jörg Scheller (art historian, musician, journalist)

Sunday 23.9.2018

Fair: networking and sales

FATart Fair 2018 art fair publications "Women* in Art"

21.9-23.9.2018 | 50 artists


Friday 17-20h | opening

Saturday 12-19h

Sunday 11 am-5pm

Location: Kammgarn West, Baumgartenstrasse 23, 4th floor, 8200 Schaffhausen


ISBN 978-3-9525498-3-4

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