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FAT association

FAT = Femme, Feminist, FLINTA, Famous, Fantastic, Free, Furious, Fabulous, Femme Artist Table. Since 2016, the initiative has been committed to the inclusion of women and FLINTA in the art world. 

The rapidly growing demand from female artists and the keen interest shown by the art scene and the public prompted the initiators to found a non-profit organisation for FAT. The Kunstverein supports all FAT formats, such as FATrendezvous, FATecke, FATart Fair, FATpermanent Art Space, FATverlag etc.

In February 2020, the "FAT Femme Artist Table" art association was founded to consolidate the FATart formats and guarantee their financing.

2023 FAT Femme Artist Table, non-profit organisation, Member Foundation Switzerland 

2023 Annual report of all FAT formats

Managing board since 2024

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-13 um 11.37.17.png

Indrani Das Schmid, (she) M.A. Cultural Journalist _Interim President /sh/ch

Well, first and foremost, I fully support the idea of FAT ART. Women need to be more visible, more heard. In a constructive and positive way. Their point of view may be different, their approach not commonplace and their biographical career more like a rollercoaster than a straightforward CV. So what? None of this says anything about the "value" and "content" - if we want to use economic terms here - of her art. On the contrary. It opens up new portals, new perspectives and new encounters. From which everyone - no matter who - can benefit.

I am convinced of that. Just as I am convinced that it is above all the energy of a team that has an igniting effect.


Noëlle Berger (she), actuary and cashier

Noëlle Berg (artist name) is a woman and artist and doesn't want to endure, she wants to make an impact. They are driven by bold poses to expose social conditioning and reference culture. The resulting work aims to transport and disturb and, upon reflection, seduce you to think of things differently and to open your eyes to the beautiful and the possible. Commitment to FAT offers Noëlle Berg another opportunity to advocate for these values and causes.


Maja Renfer (her), fellow thinker

Maja studies Culture, Criticism & Curation in London. She was interested in art from an early age, but has always been disappointed when the number of female artists and FLINTA in art exhibitions can be counted on one hand. She joined FATart in summer 2021 to support socially engaged curation work, which is an essential step towards an inclusive art world.


Lisa S Paar (she), fellow thinker and entrepreneur /sh/ch

«I like people, find injustice unbearable and would like to learn more about art. As a woman on the board, all of this can be combined excellently.”

Lisa grew up in the country and has been at home on, around and in the water ever since. She has been working for a consulting firm for over ten years and works every day with redirecting rusty structures into flowing processes.



To join our association, send us an email to getfatmail(at) with the following information:


  • Club person or patron

  • First name Last Name

  • address

  • Interest in art



Membership prices:


Club person: 100.– CHF / annually


Patrons: 500.– CHF / annually.
Your name will be published on the FATart website and in the FATart Fair catalogue (if desired).

You will also receive two FATart Fair tickets and a FATart Fair catalog for the current year.


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