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From June 2023, FAT will start a year-round operation on the 4th floor of Kammgarn West in Schaffhausen with an exhibition programme, talks, guest studios, coworking and a bar.


Save the Date

Saturday 10 June: 17:00-22:00 hrs. 
public viewing


Two exhibitions are staged per year on a wall space of approximately 70 metres. These are curated by the FATart curatorial team, consisting of Martina Venan- zoni (art historian), Ursina Gabriela Roesch (artist) and Maja Renfer (student Culture, Criticism & Curation).

An exhibition text is published for each exhibition and a vernissage is organised at which the artist is present. A talk with the artist will take place as part of the discussion and mediation programme.


The exhibition format FATecke took place at the Kosmos Kulturzentrum in Zurich until December 2022 and will continue in Schaffhausen from June 2023.

On an exhibition "corner" of 20 metres, right at the entrance of the space, an artist is given the opportunity to present her work. Four exhibitions are planned per year, each lasting just under three months.

For each exhibition, an exhibition text will be published and a vernissage organised at which the artist will be present. A conversation with the artist will take place as part of the discussion and mediation programme.



Bar & Concerts

Under the two new formats FATpower and FATacademy, various series of events are planned with an in-depth examination of topics such as feminism, postcolonialism or intersectionality and mini-workshops for and with people from our community.

There will also be space for regular events and regular Wikimedia sessions to strengthen the visibility of women in the digital media and to actively close the "data gap for women".

A café/bar is planned and can be run by FAT or by external persons.

Occasionally, the bar will be supplemented with concerts or DJs. In particular, young bands, DJs and DJanes from Schaffhausen should be given the opportunity to perform.

Gueststudio, Co-Working und cooperationen

It is important to us to enliven the 4th floor of the Kammgarn West and to have different people present who are interested in the visibility of female artists and diversity.


The bunks on the 4th floor are ideal for offering temporary guest studios for people working in the arts and culture in various fields.

These in turn can independently organise events, talks or small exhibitions.


The allocation of studio spaces is conceivable for a period of 1-3 months or for a longer allocation until the end of the temporary use.

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