The FATecke is an exhibition platform in the book salon of the KOSMOS (Zurich), where FATart artists can present and exhibit their work for three months.

#14 Nathalie Diserens



21/08/2022 to 21/11/2022


Image: two pictures from the series High Saturation (2022) by Nathalie Diserens

Cost per picture: 550 CHF, including frame


Instagram: nathalie_diserens


The small-format pictures from Nathalie Diserens‘ series High Saturation (2022), made with felt-tip pen and in bright colors, offer all kinds of things to discover: in their form somewhere between abstract, figurative, and ornamental, they are simultaneously reminiscent of drawing, painting, textile art, graphic design, and colorful church windows.

We can recognize plant-like elements such as trees and leaves, but also germs, seeds, flowers, roots and rhizomes that intertwine with their surroundings. In addition to these elements of nature, elements of civilization can also be discovered - houses, designed landscape and people. In part, the motifs are also reminiscent of machines or hybrid beings. What interests Nathalie Diserens are future scenarios and representations of how people imagine their place in the world. She is equally inspired by science fiction as well as by the visual languages and modes of representation of past or foreign cultures. The resulting images sometimes seem cultic, sometimes fantastic, sometimes exuberant or resigned.

Before she begins to work, Diserens prepares a color spectrum of felt-tip pens, with which she then begins to draw intuitively. Like a mesh or a rhizome, this is how her pictures emerge. Similar to the surrealist technique of écriture automatique, Diserens tries to switch off the head as much as possible, to let the unconscious work and the hand flow. In order to achieve a ritualistic routine, Diserens drew such a picture every day during the period of about one month. 

The paintings have no individual titles but are to be understood as part of a larger whole. Framed in colorful aluminum frames, together they create a series of images that invite one to explore and dream, and inspire one to reflect on one's connection to nature, technology, and spirituality.

The exhibition by Nathalie Diserens can be seen from 21.08.22 to 21.11.22 at Kosmos Buchsalon Zurich

FATrendezvous: conversation between artist Nathalie Diserens and Magali Berberat, art historian, 25.8.2022, 6pm, Kosmos Buchsalon 

Text: Martina Venanzoni, Curatorial Director FATart



Foto: FAT Art

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