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FATart projects

Can you name the names of five women of color in the art scene? How many art events and art exhibitions are there where there are hardly any female artists ? Why is the art of women invisible and why is it valued differently?

How is it possible to speak of a society with equal rights when the striking imbalance between men and women in the art world is continuously ignored?

For FATart, this means that individual artists are being denied access to a larger public. FATart sees the solution, among other things, in a broad-based cooperation, so as not to be subjected to the grueling competition, but to be strong and world-changing through mutual support.

FATart is setting a proactive signal here with its initiatives, projects and events. It is creating a solid basis from which not only the entire art market in terms of diversity, but also the artists who have hitherto been discriminated against, benefit.


Together we write history. For art. For FLINT . For the society.


Do you have a question about our projects? Are you an artist and would like to take part? Contact us. We're here to help.

FATart Fair

FATart Fair

The (not-for-profit) international art fair and exhibition platform

FATart conversation with artist Cath Brophy

Other Projects

Talks, workshops, temporary exhibitions, etc. FATart is constantly developing new projects.

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