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Statistics speaks plain language

Studies from 2019 show that the proportion of women in solo exhibitions in Switzerland is only 15.1% on average. 

Alexandra Kohler: Swiss museums show little art by women, Swissinfo, June 2019. (accessed: 18.01 .2021).

The sculpture and painting collection of the Kunsthaus Zürich, for example, comprises a total of 4,100 works, of which less than 4% is comprised of women artists.

accessed: 18.01 .2021 - Since 2010 the artist and researcher Elisabeth Eberle has been collecting examples and statistics on the gender gap in her long-term project «Women * count» to confront art institutions with the discrimination practices taking place within them.

The Art Market Report 2019, published annually, also shows that only 36% living women artists worldwide are represented by galleries, fewer than 5% women artists are traded at auctions and not a single woman lists in the top ten artists  worldwide. In addition, there are significant price differences between men and women artists.

Dr. Clare McAndrew: The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report 2019, Published by Art Basel, 2019, PDF. (accessed: January 18, 2021)

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