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FATart Fair

FATart Fair is the first and until now only (non-profit) art fair in Switzerland and Europe, exclusively dedicated to FLINTA artists and has already received international recognition.

It provides a broad-based, high-quality exhibition platform that helps artists gain more visibility and attention. The FATart Fair thus attracts a continuously growing international audience with a wealth of expertise and diversity. Participation in the FATart Fair makes the demands public attention and enables contacts  without having to wait for galleries.

The FATart Fair takes place yearly in the «New Halls for Art by Women» in the Kammgarn West in Schaffhausen. Here, the artists have a fantastic exhibition space of 3200m2.


The FATart Fair is a producer Artfair, the artists sell their works, generate orders expand their network and we write history together. 

FATart is a charitable and non-profit organization. 
FATart pursues neither profit-making nor self-help purposes.