FATart Fair

FATart Fair is the first and till now the only (non-profit) art fair in Switzerland and Europe, exclusively dedicated to FLINT artists and has already received international recognition.

It provides a broad-based, high-quality exhibition platform that helps artists gain more visibility and attention. The FATart Fair thus attracts a continuously growing international audience with a wealth of expertise and diversity. Participation in the FATart Fair makes the demands public attention and enables contacts  without having to wait for galleries.

The FATart Fair takes place yearly in the «New Halls for Art by Women» in the Kammgarn West in Schaffhausen. Here, the artists have a fantastic exhibition space of 3200m2.


At the FATart Fair, works are sold, orders are organized, networks are expanded and history is made.

Key points of the FATart Fair

The aim is to establish a socially and ecologically sustainable exhibition platform in the Swiss art system, which is structured in an audience-friendly way. The credo of our platform is to show the high quality diversity of artistic positions of women and non-binary people and thereby help them to gain more visibility and networking. The growing reputation and international attention that FATart Fair is already stirring up in the art scene testifies to the need for an exhibition platform purely for women artists. The exhibition is thus not only a cultural enrichment, but also actively promotes the networking of all women - artists, art historians, curators, gallery owners, etc. - in the Swiss art world. Visiting the exhibitions is open to all genders.

FATart Fair promotes without profit claim or profit motive. The artists represent themselves and receive their sales proceeds in full. FATart only charges an exhibition space fee to cover the costs of exhibition space, fringe events, catalog, marketing, wages and advertising. The artists pay a small fee, but this income does not cover the full costs. Our concept is based on keeping the financial expenses and ecological emissions as low as possible, because only the low cost contribution allows the participation of many artists. In order to make this great event possible for the artists, FATart Fair depends on financial support. FATart covers more than two-thirds of the total project costs through its own contributions and fundraising efforts. Each year, FATart also supports between five and ten women artists who are unable to pay a hiring fee by providing them with space.


The program for the 4th FATart Fair is ready!:)

Opening hours:

Friday: 16-20h

Saturday: 10-20h

Sunday: 10-17h


Kammgarn West

2. & 3. Stockwerk

Baumgartenstrasse 23

8200 Schaffhausen



The 4th FATart Fair 2021 presents two panel discussions and a presentation that intend to discuss the current situation of women in art. Experts and artists from the fields of gender studies, art history, literature and visual arts are invited. Each event encourages discussion, thus generating new ideas and social value. The curatorial director of FATart, Pauline Della Bianca, will introduce the guests and moderate the discussions.

Renowned art critics and experts from the art world will be invited to proactively influence the discourse. The lectures and discussions are open to all and are aimed at both experts and lay people. The goal is to generate a highly professional yet open and friendly discussion platform for a diverse audience. 
By inviting experts and artists from different fields, we aim to create a space for transdisciplinary exchange and reflection, thus opening thoughts to a broader perspective with great impact.

In this way, we foster new debates about inclusion in the art world.

Saturday 11.09.21: 13h - 14h


Dr. phil. Diana Baumgarten (Scientific Assistant University of Basel, Gender Studies) in conversation with Ursina Roesch (artist, co-founder of FATart) about the preliminary study «Gender relations in the Swiss cultural sector».

Saturday 11.09.21: 18h- 19h


Presentation by Kristin T. Schnider (freelance writer) about her perspective as an author

Sunday 12.09.21: 13h - 14h


Angelica Tschachtli (Head of SIKART Lexicon on Art in Switzerland) in conversation with Elisabeth Eberle (artist and archivist) about SIKART Lexicon on Art in Switzerland

The decision is made!


We received an extremely large number of applications for the 4th FATart Fair - Wow! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the numerous applications.


Of these, 100 artists will exhibit their works at the FATart Fair from September 10th to September 12th, 2021 in the former Halls for New Art in Schaffhausen.


We're glad!

Your FATart team

Wanted: Helping people for the FATart Fair

An art fair like the FATart Fair can only be carried out thanks to a lot of work and commitment from people who volunteer to help. Also this year we are looking for interested and committed people who would like to be part of such a unique project for a short or longer period of time. 

If you are interested and for more information, please contact us:

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