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The FATart team

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Ursina Gabriela Roesch (she/her)

Co-founder, Co-President, Project manager, FATcore  /zrh/ch


Despite resistance and hostility of the art world, Ursina Gabriela Roesch aka urgart was aware of the subversive and socio-political role of art. urgart creates multimedia conceptual art that creates and advances discourse. Already in early years her/his environment was influenced by world art. Ursina Gabriela Roesch finally decided to contribute to the art world as a woman as well as a man (dragking) - the persistent gender discrimination in the trade is a crucial reason for his/her commitment to FATart.
Ursina Gabriela Roesch's role as curator for the Women Power exhibition "144 Zurich Women Artists in Zurich" in 2016 was also inspiring and formative. The exhibition showed how present, yet still exceptional, the topic of women in art is. From the opening speech of Bice Curiger, former curator of the Kunsthaus Zürich:
"(...) We owe this lush and finely ramified overview to Ursina Gabriela Roesch, who has worked with great dedication over the past four months (without salary) to organize and select the works - she deserves applause."
Ursina Gabriela Roesch directs his/her focus on artworks and communication-oriented projects and commissions. See


Noëlle Berger (she/her)

Actuary and Treasurer /zrh/ch


Noëlle Berg (artist's name) is a woman and an artist and does not want to endure, but to act. To expose social conditioning and reference culture with bold poses drive her. The resulting work seeks to enrapture and disrupt, and in hindsight, seduce us to think of things differently and open our eyes to the beautiful and the possible. The engagement for FAT offers Noëlle Berg another opportunity to stand up for these values and concerns. 


Gesa Röllinger (she/her)

Website /bs/ch

Gesa has been studying art history at the University of Basel since autumn 2020. She follows the question of why certain female artists are canonised while others fall through the cracks of art historiography at every turn. Alongside Mona Rosa, Gesa also looks after the online presence of FATart.

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Martina Venanzoni (she/her)

Curatorial director, Project Coordinator, FATcore /bs/ch

Her passion for contemporary art is based on the multiple ways in which art contributes to the cultural memory of history. As a curator and holding a PhD in art history, she is interested in how the canon of art history is formed, who receives visibility, and how quality is defined in terms of gender and culture. She advocates for an inclusive and solidarity-based feminism that creates awareness of structural problems and presents solutions. In her role at FATart, she is excited by the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to greater diversity in the arts.


Maja Renfer (she/her) 
Curatorial Assistant,
FATcore /bs/uk

Maja studies Culture, Criticism & Curation in London.

She became interested in art at an early age, but has always been disappointed when the number of female artists and FLINTA in art exhibitions can be counted on one hand. She joined FATart in summer 2021 to support socially committed curation work, which represents an essential step towards an inclusive art world.

«she/her», «he/his» or «they/them»

Why do people write their pronoun after their name? Learn more about pronouns at FATart in our blog article.


Lukas Jäger (he/his)

Graphic designer /bs/ch


He is a trained printing technologist and studied visual communication at the University of Art and Design in Basel. Lukas has been responsible for the graphic implementation at FATart since the beginning and is responsible for ensuring that all printed products are presented in a uniform appearance.



Mona Rosa (she/her)

Website  /zrh/ch


Mona Rosa is an artist and audiobook producer focused on menstruation cycles.

She empoweres people and make menstruation visible in public.

Together with Gesa she helps FAT to become more visible on the internet and take care of the FAT Website.


irem güngez (she/her) /zrh/tr

Irem is an artist and photographer. She originally comes from Istanbul and is based in Zurich. She supports FATart with photography and video documentation.


Helen Follert (she) /zrh/de

Helen is an artist, has a diploma in fine arts / performance and a postgraduate degree in contemporary ceramics. She currently lives in Zurich and is doing further training as a somatic movement therapist. It supports FATart in administrative tasks.


Gudrun Kruse (she/her) /zrh/de

Gudrung met Ursina in an accounting course and that's how she joined FATart! The full-time mother of three children finds a great balance in her everyday life by working for FATart. She also finds it exciting to come into contact with art and to be able to exchange ideas with so many great people. Gudrun supports FATart with the bookkeeping of the association.


Are you interested in FATart and its commitment?

Then become part of FATart! We are always looking for active and supportive women * and men * .

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