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Workshops on relevant topics are offered on a regular basis. The socio-political background is analysed pragmatically and strategies are developed to strengthen the performance of artists and FLINTA.


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let's meet
Meeting to support, network and advise female artists with a migration background.

For arts practitioners with migration experience, arriving in a country like Switzerland can present various challenges - including lack of networks, language barriers and knowledge gaps. Many of these challenges can be more easily overcome through collective reflection and action. On the initiative of the Colombian visual artist Viviana González Méndez, FATart is thus making space available at FATpermanent for a bi-monthly meeting
for artists and FLINTA artists with a migration background. The meeting is intended as an opportunity to promote networking, to facilitate the search for solutions to common problems and to see the experience of migration as a source of inspiration and a creative impulse for one's own work, rather than as a blockade. The first meeting is planned for 2 December 2023.

Let’s meet is a space for discussion and creation for women artists with migration experience. This first phase of four meetings aims to create a common territory to meet. We will reflect collectively with focus on our own artistic practice and also on experiences related to migration. Concepts taken from other disciplines like Multi-territoriality, Trajectory and Model will be taken as triggers for thought.




2 December   –  10.00 - 11.30 h   (online)

16 December –  10.00 - 11.30 h   (online)

20 January     –  10.00 - 11.30 h   (online)

27 January     –  time to be defined, FATpermanent Art Space, 4th floor Kammgarn Westflügel, Baumgartenstrasse 23, 8200 Schaffhausen


No costs, prior registration at, the sessions are held in English.


Viviana González Méndez (*1982) is a Colombian visual artist who studied Fine Arts and Art Theory in Colombia and Argentina. Her artistic and investigative work focuses on themes such as the relationships we build with places, cartography and migration, mainly through media such as drawing and installation. Viviana González Méndez has experience as a lecturer and researcher in higher education in Colombia and as an artist in various countries in Latin America and Europe. Her work has been exhibited at the neebex gallery in Bogotá (Colombia), the Museo Nacional de Arte de La Paz (Bolivia), The Stables Gallery, Orleans House Gallery in London (UK) and the Aargauer Kunsthaus (CH), among others. González Méndez moved to Switzerland at the end of 2017. As a PhD candidate, she is currently developing the PhD project "Moving in and through Different Landscapes. Nomadic Strategies for the Creation of Installations/Landscapes" at the ZHdK in Zurich and works as an independent artist in Switzerland. She lives in Baden, Aargau. In 2022, she received a work grant from the Aargau Board of Trustees in the field of Fine Arts & Performance. 

Since 2018, the artist has also supported FATart as an organisational assistant for FATworkshops and the annual FATart Fair. Viviana currently runs the migration meeting "Let's meet" in cooperation with the association. González Méndez's artworks can be seen on her website: vivianagonzalezm

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