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Sandra Becker - Foggy times

29. February - 12. May 2024


Sandra Becker is a German video artist who lives and works in Biel. Becker, who also exhibits under the artist name sandrabecker01, is represented with her works in the collection of the State Museum Majdanek in Lublin (Poland), the Euro Theatre Central Bonn, the Museum MARGS and the international collection of the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, among others.


For Nebelzeiten, her largest solo exhibition to date, the German multimedia artist Sandra Becker is presenting a selection of works from her career, which now spans three decades. Spatial installations, as well as video and photography, deal with the theme of "motherhood" - the associated issues of responsibility, expectations and guilt that are perpetuated by society.


The spatial installations in Nebelzeiten are grouped into four different stations, each representing key themes in the life of a mother and guiding visitors seamlessly through the exhibition. Between the stations, selected individual works offer further insight into the theme. Nebelzeiten demonstrates how Becker's oeuvre moves skilfully and innovatively between personal observation and social criticism - which also encourages visitors to reflect. On 280m2, Becker scrutinises and questions what it means to be a woman, mother and artist.

The vernissage with a guided tour through the exhibition will take place on Friday, 29 February at 5.00 pm.


On Thursday, 25 February at 6.00 pm we invite you to the FATrendezvous with Sandra Becker.







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