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Marion Strunk - thread pieces 15.09. – 16.12.2023

In Marion Strunk's works, the thread is in the photograph, she embroiders photographs, intervenes with needle and thread: the photograph shows itself as fiction, the thread as fact. Her adaptations thematise the medium of photography and question the art-theoretical canon, whereby the classically female-coded craft of embroidery experiences a revaluation in the context of art and irritates the habitual way of seeing.

The thread is really tangible for a moment, then it becomes a circle or a flower, becomes an image like photography. As a reversal, so to speak, to the embroidered photograph, the artist sticks red wool balls into trees or hedges outside, wraps red thread around statues in the city or in the museum. The thread, the made, connects with reality, spaces, culture, nature.

The artist and art theorist Marion Strunk, a native of the Rhineland in Bonn, studied both in Berlin and Zurich. Stunk now lives and works in Zurich.

The vernissage will take place on Friday, 15 September at 17.30 h.

Guided tours of the exhibition with the artist will be offered on 16 September at 17.00 and 19.00 h as part of the Museum Night Hegau-Schaffhausen.

On Thursday, 30 November at 18.00 h, we invite you to the FATrendezvous, a conversation between Marion Strunk and Sibylle Omlin in the exhibition.


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