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FAT guest studios

Guest studios, co-working and cooperations

It is important to us that the 4th floor of Kammgarn West is revitalised and that various people with an interest in the visibility of women artists and diversity are present. The bunks on the 4th floor are ideal for offering temporary guest studios to artists and cultural workers from various fields. These in turn can independently organise events, talks or small exhibitions.

In order to promote the most productive exchange possible, we would like to ask various individuals and groups who are thematically close to each other. The allocation of studio space is conceivable for a period of 1-3 months or for a longer allocation until the end of the interim use. Associations / persons from Switzerland and abroad can apply, but can also be invited. Two months after the opening of the FATpermanent Art Space, four berths have already been occupied.

studio one: Fabienne Meier
The artist Fabienne Meier from Winterthur explores with finger, brush and paint on paper. She spends the summer on the 4th floor and uses the opportunity to take over the space with her large-format works.

studio two: Frauenzeug
The duo Frauenzeug doesn't have to do anything anymore and devotes itself entirely to its desire to make art at Kammgarn and explore the role of women in our society. Particularly exciting are the materials they currently use in their studio. They consciously use old cardboard and make things out of it that others no longer use.

studio three: Ursina Gabriela Roesch
Ursina Gabriela Roesch uses space as a three-dimensional sketchbook for her work, trying out new formats for her works. Currently, she is on the move with change and the demand for change. Her bunk is an exhibition space, a playing field and an art breeding ground in one.

studio four: Kollektiv siehe_oben!
The collective consisting of two young experienced artists showed themselves in public space for the first time last autumn. We are particularly pleased that they are moving into their first joint studio at the Kammgarn and are continuing to develop their manifesto. Their inexhaustible passion for making art and curious discovery inspires and takes and at times takes over the entire hall on roller skates.

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