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FATart association


FATart has been committed to the inclusion of women in the art world since 2016.
The rapidly growing demand from artists and the keen interest from the art scene and the public have prompted the initiators to set up a non-profit organization for FATart and the other activities of the FAT network.

In February 2020 the “FAT Femme Artist Table” association was founded in order to consolidate FATart and guarantee its funding.



To join our association, send us an email to with the following information:


  • Club person or patron

  • First name Last Name

  • address

  • Interest in art



Membership prices:


Club person: 100.– CHF / annually


Patrons: 500.– CHF / annually.
Your name will be published on the FATart website and in the FATart Fair catalog (if desired).

You will also receive two FATart Fair tickets and a FATart Fair catalog for the current year.


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