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FATrendezvous November 2022

The November FATrendezvous was all about women's power, menstruation and cycle resources. The two artists Mona Rosa and Rachel Galbiati exchanged ideas about the current exhibition CYCLE HEROES.

Rachel Galbiati - art for wild woman - was present at the first FATartfair and has been exploring wild femininity and the cycle in her art over the last few years.

Mona Rosa - FATactivist and audio book producer, currently occupies the FATcorner at Kosmos Buchsalon in Zurich.

In conversation, the two exchanged views on art-making, the cycle, associated taboos and social norms.

At the same time, the two inspired the audience with new perspectives on femininity, encouraged them to use their own cycle resources in everyday life and shared knowledge from their wealth of experience.

Exhibition ZYKLUSHELD*INNEN - 21.11.22 to 20.02.23

at Kosmos Buchsalon Zurich.

Rachel Galbiati

art for wild woman

Mona Rosa


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