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In addition to the FATart Fair, FATart is tirelessly committed to the concerns of women and FLINTA in the art world with numerous other innovative projects. However, most of our projects would not be feasible without voluntary work. The FATart art association therefore appreciates your financial support. 


FATart is a charitable and non-profit organization. 
FATart pursues neither profit-making nor self-help purposes.

5 reasons to support FATart

  • With its projects, events and its constantly growing network, FATart supports women | FLINTA in the art scene and thus gives them more space, voice, presence and acceptance.

  • With the art fair FATart Fair, FATart not only enables a unique common platform for artists. By assuming the costs, it also makes a decisive contribution to a greater FLINTA presence in the art scene. Even without a gallery, artists should be given the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works of the highest quality.

  • FATart organizes monthly meetings, talks and workshops for the exchange and introduction of artists to one another. In this way we are creating a network that is unique in Switzerland and has never been seen before.

  • Through the network and the workshop offers, FATart is also an advice center for artists and their concerns.

  • FATart organizes and curates exhibitions and participates in various exhibitions as well as art fairs in Switzerland and abroad and thus has a decisive influence on the art scene of tomorrow.

Are you, like us, enthusiastic and convinced about the FATart philosophy and activities?

Then we would be delighted to receive your financial support - a donation. 

With your contribution, the art and culture sector will become a little richer.

Femme Artist Table,

Ursina Gabriela Roesch, 8004 Zurich

IBAN: CH 12 0900 0000 1546 8854 6

Are you a company, company or SME and want to set an important example with your commitment to women in the art scene? We would be happy to discuss a collaboration or cooperation with you.

Impressions of the FATart Fair 2020

How is the art association FATart financed?

The implementation of numerous events, exhibitions and workshops of our art association means a considerable effort.

In order to keep costs as low as possible, the association can only be kept alive thanks to a volunteer team. 

To date, 13280 volunteer hours have been contributed.

In addition, there is the low-paid position of curatorial director Martina Venanzoni. Her job is 60%. Of this, 40% is used for the FATart Fair and is therefore also financed by the art fair. The remaining 20% ​​are for the other activities of the association and are financed by subsidies from the art association.


The aim would be to increase the position of curatorial director to 80%, 40% of which can be financed for by the art fair and 40% by the association. As well as to finance the position of the project management.In addition, FATart should be able to pay all voluntary employees for their work in the future.



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