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FATart & inclusive language

Updated: May 4, 2021

Woman* or woman?

FATart decide to remove the asterisk from their inclusive language. The FATart team discussed the often asked question about the gender asterisk. So far, the asterisk has been used in FATart communication with the following purpose: The * asterisk refers to the constructed nature of gender categories and the consideration of all forms of identity and lifestyles.

The asterisk after the term "woman*" is intended to draw attention to the fact that gender identities are not biological but social constructs. Specifically, "woman*" meant all persons who identify as women; trans and cis women.

(FYI: trans = person whose gender identity does not match the sex assigned at birth. Cis = person whose gender identity matches the sex assigned at birth).

However, contemporary inclusive language repeatedly points out that the use of the asterisk by gender identity is unnecessary and incorrect. Since the term "women" is used to include all women anyway, both trans and cis women, the asterisk forms an unjustified distinction between trans and cis women. FATart has decided to follow this thought and adapt their communication, following the path of many organizations that have removed the asterisk from their language for some time.

Since March 2021, FATart has added the term FLINT to their language. FLINT is an acronym that stands for the following: Women, Lesbians, Inter People, Non-Binary People, and Trans People. Hereby FATart wants to emphasize that FATart is an organization that addresses all those whom the patriarchy oppresses. FATart Fair is an art fair for women and FLINT people. And of course, all women artists may continue to call themselves women if that is their identification.

FATart will therefore update their communications and remove the asterisk from their communications. This step will take some time as all website and graphic material will need to be updated.

For more information on the term FLINT, check out Missy Magazine's great article (in german) "Hä, was heißt denn FLINT".

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