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FATrendezvous January 2023 with Tove Soiland, historian and feminist theorist.

In January's FATrendezvous, Tove Soiland argues why it is important to her to talk about women even in times of gender asterisks. In a brief review of the theoretical history of the women's movement, she explores the question of how it came about at all to suspect a designation of self and other that was taken for granted until twenty years ago of violent exclusion. What did the women of the Second Women's Movement want when they scandalized the situation of the female labor force, from the factory to the office to the washing machine, in its precarious, devalued, exploited, impoverished and sexist status? Were they concerned with identities that should be deconstructed? If we renounce the term women, how do we name the fact that even today in the major art museums only about 15% of the solo exhibitions are dedicated to women, although they are hardly less talented? In a conversation between Ursina Gabriela Roesch and Tove Soiland, the two explore these questions in depth with regard to FATart, the art market, and the situation of women artists today.

When? January 26, 2023, 6 p.m.

Where? Location to be announced

Who ? Open to all, free of charge


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